Manage OTA firmware updates across your devices

NervesHub is an extensible web service that allows you to manage over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates of devices in the field. Built with Phoenix, NervesHub delivers first-class support for hardware deployments directly from the command line.

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Achieve IoT agility with NervesHub

Once you have a host of IoT devices in production — out in the field — how do you manage firmware updates? With NervesHub, keep your connected products up-to-date without sacrificing security or speed.


Uses cryptographic signatures, client-side and server-side SSL, and access control to ensure secure firmware updates, and also supports HSMs and cryptoauthentication processors.

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Industry-Standard Authentication

Compatible with your current public key infrastructure for device to cloud communication, so you can use the same certificates to authenticate with NervesHub that you use for services like Azure and AWS.

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Open-Source & Auditable

Open-source structure makes your build easy to audit and minimizes waste. You can also clone or fork the open-source repository to host NervesHub on your own infrastructure.


Provides an API that allows you to manage firmware from within your current infrastructure, as well as automatically deploy to QA and test hardware.

Seamless TDD

Makes seamless test-driven development possible by enabling hardware-in-the-loop testing on every iteration.

Automated Updates

NervesHub facilitates secure, dynamic, and fault-tolerant OTA firmware updates for embedded devices.

Manage Devices with Remote Console Monitoring

Interact with your device remotely and securely through an intuitively designed console. See device connection status and health, recent activity and deployments, current firmware versions, and more.

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Delta updates

Send Smaller Files with Delta Updates (Coming Soon)

Reduce the size — and cost — of your over-the-air firmware updates by up to 95%. Delta updates compare two binary files and only update the pieces of the firmware that changed, consuming less bandwidth every time.

Securely Push Firmware to Device Fleets

Easily push firmware to your fleet of IoT devices and get important deployment details at a glance. All firmware being pushed is signed with a private encryption key that belongs to your organization.

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